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Regional Event At the Club House

Regional Event At the Club House

Earn Gold Points at the Indianapolis Bridge Center

REACH is a nationwide event the week of February 5th – 9th played at clubs across the country, including the Indianapolis Bridge Center.  It is a Regional Side Series and awards overall Gold and Red points in addition to the normal black points won at the club.  Your best two percentages are averaged for the sides series. 


You must register for this event by February 2nd and pay a registration fee of $30.  Registration applies to individuals, both members of a partnership need not be registered.  However, both members of a partnership must be paid-up ACBL members, even if one of them is not participating.  The $30 registration fee covers all five days of the regional event, but you must also pay the normal club game fee of $8.  You may play at any club that is participating in the regional event. 


Players will be grouped in 4 pools based not on your masterpoints, but on the overall strength of the fields in the games you play in.  Overall Masterpoints will be awarded to the top 25% of the players in each pool.


The Indianapolis Bridge Center will be participating at the following game times:
Monday – 10:30
Tuesday – 1:15
Wednesday – 12:00
Thursday – 12:0

Friday – 10:30

More information and an online registration form can be found on the ACBL Website at http://www.acbl.org/reach-2/


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